How to Prevent Basketball Injuries

How to Prevent Basketball Injuries

How to prevent basketball injurie? The best way to prevent basketball injuries are to focus in the game played and to be alert as you may not know your partner may throw the ball to you. So we have mentioned in detail how to prevent basketball injurie while playing in the upcoming paragraphs.


The best ways to prevent injuries is to always be focused on the game at all time. Because you may not when your team mate may need to you. In a basketball match you should always see the ball and be alert when the ball come to you and if you are not alert you may get hurt.


Always wear gym shoes that fit properly and do not skid, because you need grip to tackle to your opponent and not fall on the ground will doing hard twist and turns. Use the gears in which you is comfortable for you. Always use protective gear like ankle braces to protect yourself from getting sprain and other injuries.


Warming up and stretching is one of the most important things in game because warm up prepares your muscles aerobic active like running Stretch make your body flexible which very important for the body because without it you can get muscle tear which is way worse than sprain.

Use Proper Technique

Using proper technique is really important to win a match and not get hurt because without proper technique you cannot control the ball, if you cannot control the ball you cannot tackle a player without getting hurt.

Follow the Rules

Following the rules is important to play basketball because there are people who do illegal moves which can hurt you in a way by which you cannot play basketball again for your whole life. So always play a proper match with proper rules.

Play in a proper Basketball court

Playing in a proper basketball court is important to control and bounce the ball. In rocky places if you play basketball you can trip and get your ankle sprained or something worst will happen.

Take medicine to prevent basketball injuries while playing

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